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The content speaks for itself! April real estate content performs 3x better on average than other content on TikTok and Instagram.

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Real estate content isn’t just static photos and long amenities lists anymore. It’s short videos that engage your audience by personalizing the space. April connects you with spaces to help them tell a story.

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April helps local creators grow their audiences and portfolio pieces organically.

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The April Process.

Welcome to April

Joining April is as easy as answering a few questions and then following up with some simple activities to verify you’re active and want to engage with our community.

Our team will be in touch to get you ready for the next step in the process: getting scheduled for a content job!

Scheduling a Content Job

Whether it’s your first content opportunity with April or your 15th, the process looks the same. Our Real Estate Partners have ongoing campaigns that cover multiple domains. If your content preferences and schedule match with the Partners’, you’ll be invited to schedule a content job for the campaign.

Creating Content

We’ll provide a Creative Brief, filming guidelines, and any other info you need to make your onsite filming as smooth and convenient as possible before your scheduled shoot. We’ll also coordinate a time that best fits your schedule and the Partner’s filming window.

Getting your Content Reviewed

After editing your raw footage, we’ll provide you an area to submit your content for review, and make any edits requested. If we need to request changes, we limit it to one round so you can get back to doing what you do best: making great content. If everything looks good, we’ll approve the content and move on to the final step.

Finishing the Job and Getting Paid

Your content has been approved by our team and is now ready to submit and/or publish. Congrats, you’re almost done! All that’s left to do is to use the special link we’ll provide as your temporary link in bio, and publish your post to the designated platform(s). Job complete. You get paid!


What are April’s Creator requirements?

April is all about engagement and growing a community. To that end, April encourages anyone interested in creating local real estate content to join our Creator program. To join, you need to sign up and spend a couple of minutes engaging with our platform by doing things like following our TikTok and Instagram accounts, liking some of our Creator posts, and just generally starting to engage with the Community.

Am I able to select the types of jobs I want to complete?

Yes! During the signup process, we’ll ask you questions about the types of content jobs you’d like to do.

What types of content jobs does April offer?

April pairs Creators with various jobs covering neighborhood and local spot features, apartment tours, building profiles, and more. Have a different content job in mind? Let us know during sign up or feel free to reach out to any of our social accounts.

Can I choose how many jobs I do and how frequently?

We work with a variety of content creators from Influencers posting on social media to Videographers creating custom content for partner properties. The type of Creator you are and the demands of ongoing campaigns will ultimately determine the number of frequency of jobs available to you.

Do I edit my content? Will there be revisions?

You will be editing your own content, and there will be a maximum of one revision request allowed per job.

How much do I get paid and how?

You will get paid on a job-by-job basis and through either our Paypal or Venmo business accounts.

What if my usual rates are higher than that of a particular April project?

April aims to offer the most competitive rates for your content based on our engagement-based pricing system and the expected engagement for your content. Most importantly, April wants to help you grow your brand and audience–working with April puts your content in front of our Creator Community to organically grow your platform.

We currently create in NYC, LA, SF, and Austin.

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