The Agency.

April collaborated with Avel Arcibal from The Agency to show off his unique brand as an agent and market his portfolio.

Avel’s incredible story, supported by April.

Avel’s journey into Real Estate was both compelling and professionally rewarding. His brand focused on integrating personal anecdotes with an incredible portfolio, allowing the narrative to guide his voice and the content April made with him.

Brand Focus.

April found a balance between personal background and our partner’s brand as an agent.

Avel’s brand differentiated with social video.

April videographers developed storyboards to make sure the content produced was consistent with both his personal narrative and professional capabilities. The result: a shareable, high quality, personalized video portfolio his clients love.

Avel’s Content Objective.

Capture both his professionalism and importantly his fun personality.

Social Visibility with an April Creator.

April matched Avel with our creator, Elizabeth, because their brands and target audiences aligned, and we saw a lot of potential in her ability to capture what Avel wanted to convey while generating high impact exposure for his agent brand and portfolio.

Marketing Deliverables.

Direct all traffic to Avel’s agent profile.

Customized Content Dashboard for Avel.

Hear about Avel’s experience with April in this video.

Avel’s experience with April.

Once we created video content for Avel’s profile, we published them to social platforms and his April dashboard to make it easy for him to share with prospective clients.

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